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DVD Car Audio

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DVDs are usually brought up only with videos on televisions at home. However, a growing number of people have begun to get interested in DVD car audio.

Why do people care about DVD car audio? Because the sound is simply amazing. You think one would not notice that much of a difference, but then again people thought HDTV wouldn’t be that much different than standard television.

You can actually hear the different dynamics of music while you are driving in your car, instead of the usual loud or quiet sound. DVD car audio not only enriches new music, but also any music as it will bring out the best sound.

If I had to compare it, I’d say the cassette to CD upgrade is about the same difference as CD to DVD car audio. It’s not a matter of the songs coming out clean without any hissing, it’s a matter of hearing the true depth of songs the way artists want it to be heard. The DVD car audio sounds more like you are at an actual concert while driving down the road, instead of really just listening to a recording.

So all this sounds great, but unfortunately if you are wanting to have this in your car, you will most likely need to put some work into it. For example, most times you will have to buy the actual unit. That’s not a huge deal. However, DVD car audio also plays in surround sound, something not all cars are equipped with.

With surround sound, the depth of the music can come at you from different directions like it should.

After reading about this, I mentioned it to a few of my tech savvy friends and I actually found my friend Mike had this setup in one of his cars. I was anxious to put it to the test, so I asked if we could go for a spin.

Throwing in The Who, I could really feel the energy of one of the biggest bands of all-time. I could hear Entwistle on the bass while Moon was going nuts on the drums. The harmonies for the music sounded very crisp. I loved every minute of it. He is a guy who installed all the equipment himself, and said if I was interested he would do the installation for me as well.  If you can find someone to help you out with the installation, all the better.  It’ll definitely save you some time, though the instructions really make it relatively easy to do if you’re in a situation where you have to do it yourself.

This format has yet to catch the mainstream, and might never do that. The reason being there is just too much competition, and it is a bit costly. However, all music heads should definitely try it out. If you truly want to hear music in the best way possible while going down the road, invest in this setup. I’m sure it won’t hurt any when trying to attract the opposite sex as well.